[Commission to James Livingstone, earl of Callander to be lieutenant general of the army]

At Edinburgh, 16 April 1644

The estates of this kingdom presently convened, taking into their consideration the many threats of invasion from abroad and internal plots of malignants within for subversion of religion and disturbance of the peace of the kingdom, have thought it necessary that this kingdom be put into a present posture of defence and forces levied for defending the country and pursuing the enemies; and finding it necessary that all officers of war be established for the good of this service, and perfectly knowing the worth and abilities of James [Livingstone], earl of Callander to exercise and discharge the place or charge of lieutenant general of all the Scottish forces who shall serve in this common cause, as well horse and foot and as well by sea as land, therefore the said estates, with consent of [Alexander Leslie, earl of Leven], lord general, have nominated and elected, likewise by this act, with consent aforesaid, elect, nominate and choose the said earl of Callander to be lieutenant general of all the said forces of horse and foot, by sea and land, who shall serve in this common cause. With power to him to exercise and discharge the said place with all the honours, privileges, dignities and others whatsoever pertaining and belonging thereto in such ample form and manner as any other lieutenant general in a similar position ought and should do. For better performance whereof, the said estates do hereby promise to give all faithful and dutiful assistance to him in execution of his said charge in what he shall do or command, according to the articles of military discipline already set down by the estates with advice of the lord general. And in case of any damage or loss to be sustained or incurred by the said earl in his goods or fortunes, either by accepting this charge or in execution of the same, the said estates are and shall be hereby obliged to refund the same to him and his successors after due examination and trial thereof. And this commission is to endure until the same be recalled by the parliament, convention of estates or either of their committees.

[John Campbell, earl of] Loudoun, chancellor, in presence of the convention.

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