Committee Members: committee for the south
Committee for the south

Forasmuch as the estates, taking into their consideration the practices of the enemies of this kingdom who have now invaded the same and in a hostile manner have entered and possessed themselves of the town of Dumfries and other places of the country, and have thought fit that some forces be raised within this kingdom for pursuing of our said enemies and securing the peace of the kingdom, and finding it most necessary that a committee be chosen to go along with these forces, they have therefore nominated and appointed [James Livingstone], earl of Callander, earls [William Cunningham, earl of] Glencairn, [John Kennedy, earl of] Cassilis, [James Murray, earl of] Annandale, [John Maitland, earl of] Lauderdale, [James Douglas, earl of] Queensberry, [James Home, earl of] Home, [William Hamilton, earl of] Lanark, [James Johnston, earl of] Hartfell, [Robert Gordon], viscount of Kenmure, lords [Hugh Montgomery, lord] Montgomery, [John Fleming, lord] Fleming, [Sir James Stewart, lord] Garlies, [John Sinclair, lord] Sinclair, [James Boyd, lord] Boyd, [John Hamilton, lord] Bargany, [Sir John Hamilton of Orbiston], justice clerk, Sir James Ramsay, Sir Frederick Hamilton, lairds [Sir John Crawford of] Kilbirnie, [Mr William Cochrane of] Cowdoun, Empsfield, [Sir Mungo Campbell of] Lawers, [Sir Robert Grierson of] Lag, [Sir William Baillie of] Lamington, [Hugh Campbell of] Cessnock, [David] Crawford of Kerse, [Sir William Cunningham of] Caprington, [Sir Hugh Wallace of] Craigie, [Sir John Wauchope of] Niddrie-[Marischal], [Sir John Hamilton of] Biel, Sir David Murray [of Stanhope], Sir John Veitch [of Dawyck], [John MacCulloch of] Myreton, [James Ross of] Balneil, Sir William Scott [of Harden], Sir Thomas Kerr [of Cavers], sheriff of Teviotdale, [William Cunningham of] Craigends, Colvington, [Sir James Dundas of] Arniston, [Sir William Home of] Ayton, [William Livingstone of] Westquarter, Sir James Lockhart [of Lee], William Elliott of Stobs, Mr George Douglas, Mr John Corsan, Thomas Ferguson, Gideon Jack, Robert Richardson, James Hamilton of Glasgow and Gilbert Richard of Bulskinen (beside all others who are members of the committee of estates and are hereby declared members of this committee). With power to them, or any seven of them, to attend the earl of Callander, chief commander of the forces now raised within the kingdom, and to go along in this present expedition and to have the care and government of the affairs of the army now to be lifted, and to give their best advice and assistance in what may contribute to the good of the same, and to make and set down such orders relating thereto as they shall think fit. As also to provide victual and other necessaries for the said forces, and for that end to call before them all such in these bounds as are declared enemies to religion, his majesty's honour and peace of these kingdoms for not subscribing the covenant or who have opposed the public proceedings of this kirk and kingdom, and to take such course for imposing of fines on them and uplifting the same and securing their persons as they shall think fit, without prejudice of any further course to be taken with them by the parliament, and generally with power to them to do every other thing for pursuing our enemies, securing the peace of the country as fully as the convention might do themselves, they being always accountable for their proceedings to the parliament, convention of estates and committee at Edinburgh. This commission is to endure until the return of the army from this expedition.

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