Act in favour of John Slowan

At Edinburgh, 16 April 1644, anent the supplication presented to the convention of estates by John Slowan and Adam Mitchelson, merchant burgesses of Edinburgh, making mention that where they had loaded the ship pertaining to James Reddie, skipper in Burntisland, from Bordeaux in France with wine, and in her voyage coming for Scotland the said ship, with the cargo of wine therein, is taken at St Martins Island in the month of February last by Captain John Tisone of Dartmouth, who is employed and directed out by his majesty, and has taken the said ship and wine to Dartmouth, with the skipper and all his company; which cargo of wine extends to the sum of £18,124 Scots money as the price of 107 tons of wine spent by the supplicants at the first adventure at Bordeaux, over and above the value of the said ship and charges bestowed by the supplicants. And seeing the said ship, company and wine is taken by his majesty's warrant by reason of the common cause now in hand, the covenant and reformation, and that they have none to represent their hard condition and loss to but the said convention, to crave, as it is just and reasonable, that they may be paid and repaired of such wrong and damage out of the first and readiest of his majesty's customs and rents, humbly desiring therefore the said estates to have consideration of the supplicants' distressed estate and to give warrant that they may be repaired and paid of the sum above-written out of the first and readiest of his majesty's rents and customs, likewise as at more length is contained in the said supplication. Which being read, heard and considered by the said estates, and they being thereupon and with the recommendation of the said petition made to them by the committee of estates well advised, the said estates declare that his majesty's rents, customs and casualties are and shall be liable in payment to the supplicants of what shall be found they have lost by the taking of their ship and goods inside. Extracted from the books of the acts of convention by me.

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