Procedure: commission to John Denholm
Commission to John Denholm

The convention of estates, considering how necessary it is for maintenance of these forces who are to go to the north for suppressing the rebellion there that there be a commissary appointed for attending the same, and knowing the affection and abilities of John Denholm, merchant burgess of Edinburgh, to discharge this service, therefore the said estates have nominated him to be commissary to the effect aforesaid, and to enjoy that place with all the fees and dues belonging thereto. With power to him to buy victual wherever he may have the same for maintenance of the said forces, and to give surety to the parties for the said victual, which shall be paid by monies to be sent to the said commissary or out of the excise or any other monies belonging to the public. As also that the said commissary buy the said victual upon his own credit, and the estates and their committees shall be obliged to relieve him thereof and to pay the same to him, the said commissary being always accountable for his service to [Sir Adam Hepburn of] Humbie, commissary-general for the army.

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