Act in favour [Alexander Lindsay], lord Balcarres

The convention of estates, understanding that Alexander, lord Balcarres, colonel, out of his affection to the good of kirk and kingdom, did by allowance and warrant of the committee of estates engage himself and his friends for levying two troops of horse in the expedition to England, and that the said committee did by their act of 30 November last oblige themselves to relieve the said lord, and for that purpose gave command to [Sir Adam Hepburn of] Humbie, commissary-general of the army, and his deputes to make payment to the said Lord Balcarres of the sum of £100 Scots for each trooper, a trumpeter, three corporals and a smith in each troop levied by the said lord, as the act bears; and the estates being willing to give all assurance to the said lord for his relief in this generous undertaking, they do therefore, in ratification of the said act of the committee, bind themselves to relieve the said lord of his engagement aforesaid, and, for this effect, also ordain and command the said Lord Humbie and his deputes to make payment to the said Lord Balcarres of the said sum of £100 for every trooper, trumpeter, three corporals and each smith levied by him according to the first musters and enrolment, and that out of the first and readiest public monies being in his hand between now and Whitsunday [9 June] next.

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