Committee Members: committee for putting the kingdom in a posture of defence
Committee for a posture of defence

The estates appoint [Archibald Campbell, marquis of] Argyll, [William Cunningham, earl of] Glencairn, [James Livingstone, earl of] Callander, [William Hamilton, earl of] Lanark, [John Hay, lord] Yester, Sir William Scott [of Harden], Sir Thomas Kerr [of Cavers], [Sir John Wauchope of] Niddrie-[Marischal], [Sir Patrick Hepburn of] Waughton, [Sir William Home of] Ayton, the commissioners [Sir John Smith of Grotehill and Thomas Paterson for] Edinburgh, [James Bell for] Glasgow, [George Jamieson for] Cupar, [John Williamson for] Kirkcaldy and [John Semple of Stainflett for] Dumbarton to be a committee for seeing the kingdom put in a right posture of defence and securing the borders, how the cannon in the castle of Dumbarton shall be disposed of and what answer shall be returned to John Slowan and some other petition of such as have been spoiled by the king's forces.

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