Procedure: appointments of rutmasters in Perthshire
Rutmasters in Perthshire

The convention of estates being informed of some hindrance occasioned in the putting out and uplifting of the troops of horse appointed to go in this present expedition to the north through the rutmasters named by the shire there not accepting their charge, and the estates finding it necessary that some qualified and able persons be chosen for this charge, do therefore nominate and appoint [...] Oliphant, younger, of Bachilton and [...] Moncreiffe, brother to [Sir John Moncreiffe], laird of Moncreiffe, to be rutmasters to the two troops now to come out of that shire, and ordain the committee of war of the shire to call them before them, that intimation hereof being made to them, they may accept and go about their several charges.

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