Procedure: payment of arrears to John Leslie
John Leslie

The convention, considering that John Leslie of the Myres is written for by the committee of estates with the army to do service in the present expedition, and that there is yet owing to him some sums of money for his service in the last expedition whereof he received precept from the commissioners of the common burdens upon William Thomson, do therefore require and command William Thomson to pay the same, according to the precept formerly directed to him relating thereto; or if money cannot be had that way, then the estates appoint and ordain William Thomson, commissary depute, to pay to the said John Leslie £200 sterling in part payment of the sums owing to him and contained in his former precept, and that out of the readiest of any public monies being in his hands, in respect it is both owing to him for his former service and will equip him in this expedition.

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