Proclamation: officers to report for duty with the army
Officers to proceed to the army

Forasmuch as the committee of estates, by their act of 22 January last, did by open proclamation command and charge all officers of the army to proceed and attend their several charges in the army, and the convention of estates now convened having received advertisement from the army that notwithstanding hereof many of the officers do lie lingering behind, to the disappointment of the service and prejudice of the present expedition, do therefore ordain heralds and messengers of arms to pass to the market cross of Edinburgh and there, by open proclamation, command and charge all colonels, lieutenant colonels, majors, rutmasters, captains, lieutenants, ensigns and other officers of the army to proceed forthwith and attend their several charges and employments in the army, under the pain to all such as shall not be at their several charges within 10 days after the publication hereof, that they shall be cashiered and others put in to supply their charges.

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