Committee Members: committee for raising of a supply

The estates appoint [William Cunningham], earl of Glencairn, [John Maitland, earl of] Lauderdale, [Robert Balfour, lord Balfour of] Burleigh, [John Carnegie, lord] Loure, [Patrick Murray, lord] Elibank, [George Dundas of] Dundas, [Sir John Shaw of] Greenock, [Sir Alexander Falconer of] Halkerton, [Sir Michael Balfour of] Denmilne, [Thomas Crombie of] Kemnay, the commissioners [Robert Fleming and Thomas Paterson for] Edinburgh, [Patrick Leslie of Iden for] Aberdeen, [Robert Davidson for] Dundee, [George Bell for] Linlithgow and [George Gardyne for] Burntisland (or any seven, there being two of every estate, and [John Campbell, earl of Loudoun], lord chancellor, being supernumerary) to consider the readiest means of presently raising £20,000 sterling (whereof £10,000 is to be sent to the army in Ireland besides 5,000 bolls of meal to be bought and sent to them with the other 5,000 bolls presently in Leith, and the other £10,000 to be employed for the use of the army in England) upon public or private surety, and the warrant thereof, and to report.

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