Precept to George Jamieson

Forasmuch as George Jamieson, provost of Cupar, by contract made between the estates of this kingdom and him of 4 August last has delivered to Alexander Muir, ordinary receiver of the Scottish army in Ireland, the number of 2,631 bolls, three firlots and one peck of meal for the use of the said army, as the receipt of Alexander Muir, receiver of the victual of that army, bears; for the which the estates are obliged to pay 16 merks the boll, with £618 ½ merk for a quarter's annualrent at Candlemas [2 February] next; and the said estates, having seen the account of the prices of the said meal cleared and fitted by their own warrant, whereby it is found that there is due to the said George for the quantity of meal aforesaid £28,072 13s 4d, with £561 6s 8d for a quarter's annualrent, and finding it just and reasonable that he should be paid of the said sum for the meal aforesaid, therefore the estates presently convened give hereby warrant to the general collector of the loan and his deputes to pay and deliver to the said George Jamieson the said sum of £28,072 13s 4d, with the said sum of £561 6s 8d for a quarter's annualrent for the meal aforesaid transported by him as said is, and that out of the first and readiest of the loan money not already disposed of by public warrant, for the which this act, with the party's note of receipt, shall be a sufficient warrant.

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