Precept to Hugh Kennedy

Forasmuch as John MacAlmont, upon 11 December 1642, obtained a ticket of receipt of 113 barrels of rye at 18s the barrel from George Muir, lieutenant colonel to the general's regiment in Ireland, which receipt and bill was accepted by John Campbell, commissary depute, as his certificate upon 26 December bears, and to which Hugh Kennedy, late bailie of Ayr, and John Kennedy, his brother, are assignees, as the assignation shown to the convention of estates bears. And they having also seen the account of the prices of the said rye with one year's annualrent, extending in all to £1,317 18s Scots fitted and cleared by their own order, and a certificate under the hand of William Thomson, commissary of the army, that they have not received payment thereof, therefore ordain the general collector of the loan and his deputes to pay and deliver to the said Hugh and John Kennedy the said sum of £1,317 18s Scots for the price of the said rye and annualrent aforesaid out of the first and readiest of the loan monies not already disposed of by public warrant, for the which this act, with the parties' receipt, shall be a sufficient warrant.

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