Procedure: precept to Hugh Kennedy
Precept to Hugh Kennedy

Forasmuch as the committee of estates have employed Hugh Kennedy, provost of Ayr, to hire and furnish some ships for carrying 4,000 bolls of meal to Ireland for the use of the Scottish army there, and promised by their act to see the charges he should be put to in keeping, embarking and transporting the said meal paid to him, and he having now given this account thereof extending in all to £1,135 Scots 16s, and the same being revised and sufficiently instructed before by the convention, and they finding it reasonable that the same should be paid, therefore the convention of estates ordain and command [Sir Adam Hepburn of] Humbie and William Thomson, his depute, to pay the said sum of £1,135 16s to the said Hugh Kennedy out of the readiest public monies being in his hand, for the which this act, with the party's receipt, shall be their warrant.

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