Letter: to the officers of the army in Ireland
Letter to the officers of the army in Ireland

Right honourable,

The convention of estates, taking into their consideration the extreme necessities of the Scottish army in Ireland through want of victual and clothes, and being truly aware of their sufferings, have been still pressing the English commissioners for performance of what they are obligated by the articles sent to you with our letter of 2 December last, and have been most careful in providing the clothes and victual promised, as your commissioners who have been most earnest solicitors for you and witness to our proceedings herein can fully inform you, and how seriously we have been going about the providing of some present supply of money if we had not rencountered with some unexpected rubs and interruptions. Yet least hereby and by the English parliament's non-performing what they are obliged you should think yourselves forgotten at all hands or us wanting in any thing that may witness our tender care of that army, we have given order for the present providing of ships and barks for your transport to this kingdom after 2 February next, if between now and that time you do not receive the money promised from the kingdom of England, and after your transport such course shall be taken for providing for you as shall be taken with the army now lifted in this kingdom.

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