Procedure: modification of the allowance of the commissioners sent to England
Modification of allowance to the commissioners

Forasmuch as [John Campbell, earl of Loudoun], lord chancellor, Sir Archibald Johnston of Wariston and Mr Robert Barclay are employed by a commission from the estates of this kingdom to the kingdom of England, and it being necessary that there be some complete allowance of expenses modified to them in this public service as have been formerly granted in cases of this kind, therefore the convention have modified and modifies £5 sterling of daily allowance to the lord chancellor, 40s sterling to Sir Archibald Johnston, and 2 merks sterling to Mr Robert Barclay; and for their extraordinary charges and expenses, modifies £300 sterling to the lord chancellor, 200 merks sterling to Sir Archibald Johnston and £90 sterling to Mr Robert Barclay, and ordain [Sir Adam Hepburn of] Humbie, general collector and his deputes, or John Johnston and Thomas Cunningham, to pay the sums above-written out of the first and readiest of any public monies they have or shall receive due to this kingdom.

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