The convention of estates, having read and considered the oath underwritten, they do approve thereof as fit to be taken by all members of the committee of estates and all general officers and colonels of the army, and accordingly ordain the same to be taken and sworn by them all, whereof the tenor follows:

The oath of the officers of the army

We members of the committee of estates and general officers and colonels of the army under-subscribing, all of us and each one of us for ourselves, with our hands lifted up to the most high God, do promise and swear to be true and faithful in this service according to the Solemn League and Covenant of the three kingdoms, and to follow and promote by all lawful means, according to our several places and callings, such resolutions and directions as are or shall be agreed and concluded mutually between these two kingdoms or the committee of this or both kingdoms appointed for that effect in pursuance of the covenant, never to suffer ourselves directly nor indirectly by whatsoever combination, persuasion or terror to be divided or withdrawn from that, nor to cast in any hindrance or impediment which may stay or hinder such resolutions as by common consent shall be found to contribute for so good ends; never to enter into any private intercourse and treaty, nor to make nor accept from the court or any in name thereof or of any of our professed adversaries private offers, conditions, promises or assurances without the knowledge and consent of the committees of this or both kingdoms; never to make nor countenance any factions or mutinous counsels and courses, but to endeavour to suppress or reveal them and all divisive and dangerous motions, that they may be timeously prevented; never to leave the defence of this cause, but sincerely and constantly with God's assistance to do every duty belonging to our place and calling, and undergo every trouble and danger incident thereto to our utmost, all which we shall do as in the sight of God, the searcher of hearts, and under the pain of his everlasting wrath and of infamy and loss of all honour and respect in this world.

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