Act in favour of Adam White

The convention of estates, having heard the petition given in to them by Adam White and Gavin Pitcairn, merchants in Glasgow, complaining that upon 27 November last Sir Henry Stradling, governor of Carlisle, William Aitchison, Major Edward Dick, sheriff, John Gibson and John Keaps, captains there, took from them as they were coming from England some great packs, two fardels with two horse, with £200 sterling and £20 sterling of money and left them nothing; and having heard the depositions of witnesses produced by the said plaintiffs, whereby they proved the taking of the supplicants and their said goods, and that the same are still kept by the said governor and others aforesaid, therefore the lords and commissioners of the said convention give warrant by this act to all judges and magistrates to burgh or land to cause arrest any goods being within this kingdom pertaining to the said governor of Carlisle, the said sheriff, major and captains aforesaid or any other inhabitant of Carlisle, to be made forthcoming and refunded under arrestment for satisfaction of the plaintiffs' goods and losses sustained as is aforesaid.

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