Act anent presentation of ministers

The convention of estates having this day received an act of the commissioners of the general assembly for planting of kirks of his majesty's patronage during the time of these troubles, presented to them by Mr Robert Douglas, moderator, and Mr Andrew Ramsay, and having considered the same and the recommendation contained for providing some way by authority of this convention for settling and possessing the entrants in the stipends and benefices belonging to these kirks, and finding no way so fit for that end and for preserving the right and possession of the patronages to his majesty than that in this time of trouble presentations pass his majesty's cachet and privy seal, which is similar to and is hereby declared to be of as great force and authority as if the same had passed his majesty's royal hands; therefore give hereby warrant and command to the commissioners of the treasury, or any one of them, to receive presentations from presbyteries to all kirks of his majesty's patronages becoming vacant or which hereafter shall become vacant during these troubles and to sign the same. And ordain the same so signed to pass his majesty's cachet and thereafter the privy seal, and that all letters and executorials necessary be directed thereupon. And recommend to the commissioners of the kirk to intimate this to presbyteries, that they choosing fit and well qualified men with consent of parishes, the presentations to the vacant kirks of his majesty's patronage during these troubles may be passed in the manner aforesaid, whereupon the entrants may obtain all letters and executorials necessary. Which way the estates think agreeable to the desire and intention of the commissioners of the assembly.

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  2. A copy of this act can be found in NAS. PA6/8 at 6 January 1644. Back