Procedure: modification of the allowance of the commissioners sent to England
Modification to commissioners

Forasmuch as [John Maitland], lord Maitland, Mr Alexander Henderson, Mr George Gillespie and Mr Robert Meldrum are upon the public employments of this kirk and kingdom to proceed to England, and that in reason they should have their charges modified to them, therefore the estates modify the sum of £3 sterling daily to the Lord Maitland and 20s sterling to every one of the other three so long as they shall be on this service, and that a month's allowance be advanced to them in hand; and for their extraordinary charges, modify to the Lord Maitland £100 sterling and to either of the ministers £30, and recommend to [Sir Adam Hepburn of] Humbie to borrow as much money on annualrent as will pay the same, which shall be allowed to him in the first end of any of his public intromissions or the first monies that come from England; and for doing thereof, this act, with the parties' discharge, shall be his warrant.

Archibald Primrose, clerk of convention

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