Procedure: approbation of the covenant
The estates' approbation of the covenant

We noblemen, commissioners of shires and burghs now convened, having received the covenant above-written from their committee as the result of their consultations with a committee of the general assembly and the commissioners from both houses of the parliament of England, and having taken that covenant into their greatest consideration, did, with all their hearts and great expressions of joy and unanimity, approve and embrace the same as the most powerful means by the blessing of God for settling and preserving the true Protestant religion with a perfect peace in all his majesty's dominions and propagating the same to other nations and for establishing his majesty's throne to all ages. And being very confident that their brethren in the kingdom of England will heartily receive and approve the same, therefore, according to the earnest recommendation of that venerable assembly of this kirk now met, think it most necessary for the good ends aforesaid that it be sent into that kingdom with all diligence, that being received and approved by their brethren there, the same may be with all religious solemnities sworn and subscribed by all true professors of the reformed religion and all his majesty's good subjects in both kingdoms.

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