Procedure: report of the marquis of Argyll's accounts
[Archibald Campbell], marquis of Argyll's accounts allowed

The estates, having read and considered the act of council underwritten made in favour of the marquis of Argyll, have allowed and allow and approve the same, and ordain it to be inserted and registered in the books of convention, whereof the tenor follows:

Marquis of Argyll, £81,377 Scots

At Edinburgh, 10 August 1643

Forasmuch as the marquis of Argyll has by public warrant and other ways advanced certain great sums of money for furnishing victual, herring and other necessaries for the use of the Scottish army in Ireland, extending to the sum of £81,377 20s 5d Scots, as the particular account thereof revised and allowed by [William Thomson], commissary of the army, under his hand does appear; and the lords of privy council finding that the said sum has been undertaken and advanced by the said marquis for the necessary good of the army, and that it is just that his lord have relief and repayment thereof, they do therefore declare and ordain that the said sum, with the annualrent thereof from the times of Lammas [1 August] last, to be as timely and thankfully paid to him, and is as just a debt upon the army as any other sums advanced for furnishing the army by contract with the council, and that they will have a care to see the same paid with the first public course that shall be taken for relief of the said army or payment of any sums that have been advanced for furnishing thereof. It is always hereby declared notwithstanding the £12,000 Scots lent by the said marquis upon the act of council, commissioners of peace and common burdens is accounted as a part of the said sum, yet the same (with the lord marquis' own voluntary consent) is only to be paid when payment shall be made to others who advanced upon that security. And the total sum above-written being paid, all former acts, contracts or bonds for the same or any part thereof shall be void and of no effect.

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