Procedure: caution for the Lord Herries
Caution for [John Maxwell], lord Herries [of Terregles]

The which day, in presence of the convention of estates, compeared personally Thomas [MacLellan], lord Kirkcudbright and became acted and obliged cautioner and surety for John, lord Herries, that the said Lord Herries and all such other persons as he is obliged to answer for by the laws, acts of parliament and general bond shall keep his majesty's peace, observe good rule in quietness in the country with all his majesty's subjects, according to the laws of this kingdom, and shall do nor attempt nothing directly nor indirectly which may tend to the trouble of the peace thereof, but shall comply with and obey all such suits and statutes as shall be appointed by the public judicatories of the kingdom for that end, and shall from time to time be answerable to justice as they shall be required; and that they shall not publicly nor privately, directly nor indirectly, attempt any thing prejudicial to the true religion presently professed within this kingdom, nor harbour, supply nor entertain with Jesuits, seminary priests nor excommunicated papists under the pain of 10,000 merks. Likewise the said Lord Herries binds and obliges himself and his heirs to relieve his said cautioner of the premises and of all danger he may incur thereby for ever.

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