Procedure: commission to committee members
Committee to meet with the English commissioners

The estates give hereby commission to John [Lindsay], earl of Lindsay, John [Elphinstone], lord Balmerino, Sir Thomas Hope of Kerse, Sir Archibald Johnston of Wariston, Sir John Smith [of Grotehill] and Mr Robert Barclay, or any four of them, there being one of every estate, to meet with [John Manners], earl of Rutland, Sir William Armine, Sir Harry Vane, Thomas Hatcher and Henry Darnley, commissioners sent from both houses of the parliament of England, or any three of them, and to receive from them all such papers and demands as they shall present to them for settling all matters of debt and accounts in which the kingdom of England stands engaged to this kingdom, or any other thing which does concern the good of both kingdoms; and to treat and consult with them relating thereto, and to report the same to the estates before they conclude any thing in that particular matter.

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