Procedure: prorogation of justice court at Stirling
Prorogation of a justice court

The which day certain of the commissioners appointed by order of his majesty and the estates of the late parliament for repressing of the disorders in the highlands for the five sheriffdoms on the south parts of the kingdom, having represented to the convention of the estates that there was a justice court appointed to be kept upon 15 August at Stirling, and that various of the said commissioners were members of the convention and general assembly, and in that regard could not attend the said justice court, and therefore desired the same to be continued to some competent day. The said estates, having taken this desire into their consideration and finding the same reasonable, they have therefore continued and by this act continue the said justice court to 19 September next, and ordain letters to be directed to make publication hereof by open proclamation at all places needful, through which none pretend ignorance of the same, and to warn all parties having interest to attend upon the said 19 September with the appropriate intimation.

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