Act anent [George Ogilvy], lord Banff's appearance

Forasmuch as George, lord Banff, being charged by warrant from the estates to have compeared before them at a certain day bygone, provided to have found good and sufficient caution for keeping of the peace and behaving himself in a quiet way, according to the laws of the kingdom, and to have heard and seen such order taken for the peace of the country as the estates shall think fit, under the pain of rebellion; and being this day called and compearing by James Gibson and Mr John Fletcher, advocates, who produced a testimonial under the hands of two ministers testifying upon their conscience his inability to travel in respect of his sickness. In regard whereof, the estates do yet assign to him the 25th of this month for his compearance, and declare that they will not hereafter admit of any testimonial of his sickness unless the same be signed by Mr William Chalmers, minister at Aboyne, Mr Thomas Mitchell, parson of Turriff, Mr Alexander Seaton, minister at Banff, and Mr James Guthrie, minister at King Edward, or any two of them upon their certain knowledge and oath; and have intimated the same to the said James Gibson and Mr John Fletcher in name of the said Lord Banff.

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