Judicial Proceeding: denunciation of the Lord Ogilvy
Denunciation of [James Ogilvy], lord Ogilvy

Forasmuch as anent the charge given by warrant of the estates to James, lord Ogilvy to have compeared personally before them this present day, provided to have found sufficient caution for keeping of the peace and behaving himself in a peaceable and quiet way, according to the laws of the kingdom, and to have heard and seen such order taken for the good and peace of the kingdom as the estates should think fit, under the pain of rebellion and of putting him to the horn, with certification to him if he failed, letters should be directed simply to put him thereto, likewise as at more length is contained in the said warrant, executions and modifications thereof. Which being called and the said James, lord Ogilvy not compearing, being often called, the estates ordain letters to be directed to denounce him his majesty's rebel and put him to the horn and to escheat etc.

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