Act for relief of 5,000 merks to the commissioners of Ayr etc.

Forasmuch as the commissioners of the burghs of Glasgow, Ayr and Irvine have at the desire of the estates advanced the sum of 5,000 merks for equipping two ships in the west against the Irish and Dunkirk frigates and bearing of the cost between this kingdom and Ireland, and the estates finding it necessary that they be timeously relieved thereof, do therefore declare that they shall have allowance and assign to them so much of that part of the loan that is to be paid by the said burghs as will sufficiently relieve them thereof; and for that effect, ordain the magistrates of the aforesaid burghs to make payment of the aforesaid sum to the said commissioners for their relief of principal and annualrents out of the first part of the loan due by the said burghs.

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