Procedure: commission to James Ross
Commission to James Ross against Irish frigates

Forasmuch as Captain James Ross, master of the ship called [...], John Harper, master of the ship called [...], and James Lawrie, master of the ship called [...], are employed for carrying over to Ireland certain quantity of victual for the use of the Scottish army there, and whereas in case they may rencounter in this voyage with some of these Irish and Dunkirk frigates who have so much infested his majesty's good subjects of this kingdom, and will no question labour in a similar manner to pursue them, if they shall not be of sufficient strength and have warrant against them, therefore the estates of this kingdom presently convened give hereby warrant and commission to the said captains James Ross, John Harper and James Lawrie to furnish their said ships with men, victual, artillery great and small and all other necessaries the best they can, and to proceed with all convenient diligence to Knockfergus in Ireland with the said meal, and there deliver the same to such as shall have public warrant to receive it. And if in his going there or return again they shall be pursued or rencounter with any of the said Irish or Dunkirk frigates, with power to them to defend themselves, ships, companies and goods the best way they can; and for that effect, to follow and pursue them with all manner of hostility, and to apprehend, sink or destroy them and use them as professed enemies to his majesty; and such of their ships as they shall happen to apprehend, to make the same forthcoming to be disposed of as the estates shall think fit. This commission only to endure in their voyage to Ireland and return journey.

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