Warrant: for trying some Dunkirkers
Warrant for trying some Dunkirkers

Forasmuch as upon information made to some of his majesty's council by [...] Giffen, merchant in Glasgow, upon oath that several persons who are now presently in the Dunkirk ship which is in Leith were about a year since in a frigate which brought over [...] O'Neale to Ireland, order was given for sequestration of some of the said persons until they should be examined. And the convention of estates finding it necessary that this business be exactly tried, they do therefore approve of the said proceedings of the councillors aforesaid, and give warrant and commission to the general of the artillery and to the commissioners of the burgh of Kinghorn and Queensferry to call before them the captain and company of the said Dunkirk ship, and to try the truth of this information and what persons are in the said ship presently, or if there be any put away, and to put them to their oaths thereupon and as they shall think fit to give warrant for sequestration of the persons, and to report.

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