Warrant: for the delivery of Captain Watson's ship
Warrant for delivery of Captain Watson's ship

At Edinburgh, 7 July 1643. Anent the supplication presented to the noblemen and commissioners of the estates presently convened by Captain Andrew Watson, Mr Robert Farquhar [of Mounie], merchant and bailie of Aberdeen, and James Stewart, merchant burgess of Edinburgh, ordinary furnishers of the army in Ireland, making mention that where the great boat pertaining to the said captain, being ladened in the north with barley belonging to the said Mr Robert Farquhar and James Stewart, the same was lately seized upon by some Irish or Dunkirk frigates and carried to Ireland for the use of the rebels there. And now the supplicants are informed that by a special providence the said boat and victual is come to Ballantrae pertaining to [John Hamilton], lord Bargany, humbly desiring therefore the said noblemen and commissioners to give command to the said lord in manner and to the effect underwritten, as at more length is contained in the said supplication. Which being read, heard and considered by the said noblemen and commissioners, and they finding the desire thereof to be reasonable, they have therefore ordained and ordain the said Lord Bargany to deliver the said boat and victual and goods being inside to the said supplicants or their commissioners, for the which this act shall be to him a sufficient warrant.

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