Committee Members: committee for furnishing the army in Ireland
Committee for furnishing the army in Ireland

The convention of estates presently convened give hereby power and commission to [John Wemyss], earl of Wemyss, lords [Alexander Elphinstone, lord] Elphinstone, [Robert Balfour, lord Balfour of] Burleigh and [John Carnegie, lord] Loure, the lairds [Sir Robert Grierson of] Lag, [Sir Alexander Fraser of] Philorth, [Sir Patrick Hepburn of] Waughton and [Mr George Winram of] Liberton, and the commissioners [George Bell for] Linlithgow, [Henry Shank for] Kinghorn, [John Williamson for] Kirkcaldy and [Hugh Kennedy for] Ayr, or to any seven of them, there being two of each estate, to agree with merchants the best way they can for furnishing of meal to the Scottish army in Ireland, not exceeding the number of 10,000 bolls; and for that effect to make contracts with the merchants in name of the estates, which shall be held as the deed of the estates. With power to the said committee to give precepts to John Jossie for payment of these sums that shall be agreed upon for the meal; and also with power to them to agree with persons for equipping ships to go on against the Irish and Dunkirk frigates that infest his majesty's good subjects, and to set down in writing the articles and conditions of the agreement, and to report the same to the convention. And for the better furtherance of the service, recommend to them to be bound for the monies that are to be borrowed for equipping and maintaining their ships, of the which sums the estates bind them to see the said committee timely relieved and freed of all damage they may incur thereby.

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