Proclamation: against the earl of Carnwath
Charge against [Robert Dalzell, earl of] Carnwath

Forasmuch as the convention of estates have given warrant to charge the earl of Carnwath to compear with all diligence and sight his person before them as he would be answerable, and the said earl being accordingly charged by a macer, personally apprehended and having promised presently to appear and give obedience to the charge, he notwithstanding, in contempt and neglect of the judicatory, did neither appear nor so much as send any answer to them, but suffered them to attend all this afternoon without so much as an excuse. For which contempt, the convention ordains macers to pass to the market cross of Edinburgh, and there by open proclamation to charge the said earl of Carnwath to enter his person in ward within the tolbooth of Edinburgh, there to remain upon his own expenses until he be relieved by the convention; and that he enter in ward within 12 hours next after the publication hereof under the pain of £10,000 Scots.

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