[Protestation for the parishioners of Auchtertool against the ratification to the beadsmen of Magdalene Chapel]

I, Sir Andrew Skene of Auchtertool, for myself and in name and on behalf of the poor parishioners of Auchtertool, do protest that the ratification granted by parliament in favour of the beadsmen of the Magdalene Chapel of the gift and mortification granted to them by the king's majesty of the rents, teinds and duties of the bishopric of Dunkeld therein mentioned be in no way prejudicial to a mortification granted by his majesty to a schoolmaster within the parish of Auchtertool of the sum of £92 which was formerly paid to the late bishops of Dunkeld and now due to his majesty out of the same parish for the feu duty of the lands within the same.

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