[Supplication for relief of the British subjects in Ulster]

Supplication for the British subjects, remitted to the king's majesty

To the king's most excellent majesty and most honourable estates of parliament, the humble petition of diverse of your majesty's British subjects having estates in Ireland, for themselves and in name of their distressed countrymen and friends there.

Humbly showing,

That the insolent rebellion and cruel outrages of the Irish rebels is now come to that height as they have wasted and overrun the most part of the province of Ulster, comprehending nine counties, most part thereof being planted with British subjects, of whom they have killed many, taken others prisoner, robbed and spoiled the goods of many hundreds, stripped and sent away numbers of them naked, burnt diverse towns and corns there, so as all these counties are wasted and depopulated except some few parts about the sea near the strengths of Derry and Carrickfergus, as the letters directed to us from your majesty's said British subjects there do most pitifully express; which miseries do the more increase that your majesty's said subjects have neither arms nor leaders to direct and help them in the necessary defence of their lives and estates, so as they are in daily hazard to be killed or put to flight and to be a burden to your majesty's other kingdoms if they shall happen to escape. For remedy whereof,

May it please your majesty, with advice of this supreme court, to remonstrate to the parliament of England the pitiful and lamentable estate of the said British in Ulster, that the same may be taken to their serious consideration and that such speedy course may be taken as may best conduce for their present help and relief. And we humbly entreat that in the meantime such as are willing to go as volunteers in that service may be permitted and arms furnished to them, and that some convenient proportion of arms may be granted upon loan for the unarmed British until the same may be repaid out of England.

17 November 1641

Read and remitted to the king's majesty.

[John Elphinstone, lord] Balmerino, in presence of the lords of parliament

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