[Act of relief to the burghs of the sum of 150,000 guilders out of the brotherly assistance]

Act of relief to the burghs of the sum of 150,000 guilders out of the English money, [with the parliament's ratification thereof]

At Edinburgh, 27 May 1641. The committee of the estates of parliament, with consent of the nobility and commissioners for shires and burghs now convened, considering that the burghs of this kingdom, according to an act of the date 22 January last, having undertaken to pay and advance to the factors at Campvere the sum of 150,000 guilders resting to the said factors by the estates of this kingdom upon the security and relief conditioned to be granted to the said burghs for their relief and repayment of the said sum, according to the which undertaking the said burghs for the most part have already either advanced or are presently to give satisfaction for their own portions of the said sums to the said factors. And the said committee, with consent foresaid, being willing according to equity to give all further relief necessary for their better assurance and repayment of the said sum and for the better encouragement of the said burghs to proceed to the accomplishment and performance of what they have undertaken as said is, therefore the said committee of estates, with consent above-written, does hereby declare and assure the said burghs that in case they shall not get repayment and relief of the said sums by the conditions and courses already agreed upon and prescribed for that effect, in that case they shall be relieved and repaid of the said sums by a part of the sum of £300,000 sterling agreed to be granted by the parliament of England to this kingdom for relief of the charges and burdens of the country, providing that when the said burghs shall obtain and get benefit of their relief and payment out of the said English money they shall be obliged to redeliver back all the other bonds of relief and securities granted or to be granted to the said burghs for their relief from the gentlemen of their own shire or any other persons whatsoever, and shall renounce the same with all action and instance competent to them thereby. It is thus subscribed: [James Graham, earl of] Montrose, [John Kennedy, earl of] Cassilis, [John Elphinstone, lord] Balmerino, [Robert Balfour, lord Balfour of] Burleigh, [Archibald Napier, lord] Napier, Master Gibson, [Sir Thomas Hope of] Craighall, Edward Edgar, Richard Maxwell, Thomas Paterson. Extracted from the books of acts of the said commissioners by me, Robert Hepburn.

15 November 1641

Read, voted and passed in parliament and ratifies the same.

Balmerino, in presence of the lords of parliament

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  2. APS has taken this addition to the title from a second title on the rear of the document, as follows: 'Act to the burghs for the relief of the guilders [illegible], with the parliament's ratification therof, 15 November 1641'. Back