[Draft act remitting the supplication of the officers imprisoned at Newcastle to the committee for common burdens]

The act extracted hereupon in this manner, namely: At Edinburgh, 15 November 1641. The which day regarding the supplication given in to the parliament by Colonel James Wardlaw, Rutmaster John Brown of Fordell, Lieutenant Colonel Henry Sinclair, Lieutenant John Adamston, Ensign David Guthrie and Robert Finlayson, whereof the tenor follows: (here to insert the supplication), as the supplication in the self purports. Which supplication and petition above-written being this day moved in parliament in audience of the king's majesty and estates of parliament, his majesty and estates foresaid have remitted and remit the consideration of the foresaid supplication and desire thereof and what course shall be taken for refunding the said supplicants' losses to the committee and commission appointed by the king's majesty and estates of parliament for the common burdens of this kingdom.

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