[Warrant in favour of Sir Richard Graham of Esk]

Warrant for Sir Richard Graham, received from Master John Oliphant, 1 October 1641

Charles Rex

Our sovereign lord and estates of parliament ordain a special exemption, exception and reservation to be expressly contained in the act of pacification and general pardon concluded upon in this parliament in favour of his highness's servant, Sir Richard Graham of Esk, knight and baronet, and the other kin and friends of the late William Graham, brother to the said Sir Richard, against Thomas Irvine of Kirkpatrick and Richard Irvine of Rovgill, his brother, declaring that the benefit of the said act of pacification and general pardon therein contained shall no way be extended to the said Thomas nor Richard Irvine for the cruel and wilful murdering of the said late William Graham committed by them, nor shall in no way free nor liberate them nor either of them from the said cruel fact, nor such actions and executions of law and justice as have followed or may follow against them for the same, but that they and either of them shall be liable to the laws of this realm for the said fact and such punishment as be due thereof, notwithstanding of the said act of pacification and general pardon contained therein accordingly as they were debarred and exempt regarding the said fact in the act of pacification granted at his majesty's coronation. And ordain this warrant to be a sufficient warrant to [Sir Alexander Gibson of Durie], his highness's clerk register, and his deputes for inserting and containing of the said exception above-written expressly in the said act of pacification. Given at [...].

13 November 1641

Read in audience of the nobility.

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