[Act adding several parishes to the sheriffdom of Dunbarton]

Act in favour of Dunbartonshire

Our sovereign lord and estates of parliament, understanding that the sheriffdom of Dunbarton has been ancient and of a large extent consisting of 14 parish kirks, which of late that seven kirks thereof, namely: Inchcailloch (now called Buchanan), Drymen, Balfron, Fintry, Killearn, Strathblane and Campsie are withdrawn therefrom and the inhabitants of the said parishes urged and compelled to answer in the sheriff courts and in the justice ayres of Stirling without just reason or lawful warrant thereof, to the great prejudice of the said inhabitants and of his majesty's service, in respect that many of them are distant 20 miles from Stirling and the furthest lies within six or eight miles or thereby from Dunbarton. And the six parishes whereof Dunbartonshire now consists (being for the most part vassals and tenants to [James Stewart], duke of Lennox and other noblemen) are not able to send out commissioners to parliament, conventions and other public meetings, there being only nine freeholders and vassals to the king's majesty therein, and all of them (except one) of small and mean estates, whereby they are forced to elect sheriffs that are not vassals to the king's majesty. Therefore our said sovereign lord and estates of this present parliament declare, statute and ordain that in all time coming the said seven parishes of Inchcailloch or Buchanan, Drymen, Balfron, Fintry, Killearn, Strathblane and Campsie and all from them west are and shall be of the sheriffdom of Dunbarton, both in sheriff courts, justice ayres and all other duties, and ordain all the heritors and inhabitants of the said seven kirks to come and answer in the sheriff courts and justice ayres of Dunbarton held in the burgh of Dumbarton as the head burgh thereof, discharging hereby the sheriff of Stirling and his deputes, clerks and officers of troubling, citing or calling of them or any of them to the courts of Stirlingshire hereafter under all highest pain. And ordain letters of publication and others needful to be directed hereupon in the appropriate form.

2 November 1641

Read in audience of the noblemen.

10 November 1641

Read in audience of the barons and allowed by them.

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