[Supplication of Isobel Geichan for trial of her divorce before parliament]

Supplication of Mistress Geichan

To the king's most excellent majesty and estates of this present parliament, the humble petition of Isobel Geichan, in all submissive manner shows,

That whereas in the year 1621, there being a sentence of divorce and other sentences purchased against your petitioner at the instance of William Cochrane, her spouse, before the commissioners of Edinburgh upon sinistrous information and deposition of only one witness suborned and corrupted as shall be made apparent, your petitioner has by all legal means endeavoured to be reinstated and restored against the same. Likewise for this effect she not only in the first session of this parliament did present her petition to your majesty's commissioner, but also presented to the lords of session several letters from your majesty written and directed to them for reviewing of the said sentences and whole process and deposition of witnesses, whereupon the same were alleged to have proceeded. But hereunto your petitioner has never as yet received any answer or redress, tending now to her utter ruin and detriment and express against justice.

And since by reason of the said sentences and great abuses and suborning of the said witness used against your petitioner by her said spouse in manner foresaid, she has miserably suffered these many years bygone in a necessitous way of life,

May it therefore please your sacred majesty and estates of parliament in tender consideration of the premises and of your petitioner's present miserable estate to appoint a committee of such persons of the estates of this present parliament as your majesty and estates shall think fit, for calling before them of us both parties and taking exact trial and order regarding the premises and regarding what recompense shall be made to her by her said spouse for her bygone maintenance and in time coming during her lifetime. And for this effect that your majesty and estates will be pleased to give warrant to the said commissioners to be appointed for urging and commanding of the clerks to the said processes to exhibit and produce before them the same with the bonds, whole minutes, depositions of witnesses and whole probation had therein, to the effect the iniquity of the said decreets being made manifest and apparent your petitioner may be restored against the same by a judicial sentence reductive in this present parliament. And if the said commissioners cannot compose the said businesses according to that which they shall find just and equitable, that they with diligence report to your majesty and estates of this present parliament the true estate thereof with their opinions regarding what is lawful and necessary to be done, that therefore your majesty and estates may take such further course therein as you in your judgements shall think expedient and the equity of the cause shall seem to deserve.

And your petitioner as in duty bound shall daily pray for your majesty's long and happy reign, and the peace and prosperity of your majesty and estates of parliament.

His majesty is graciously pleased that this petition be read and considered of in parliament.

At the court at Holyroodhouse, James Galloway, 9 November 1641.

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