[Supplication of John Henderson for liberty to leave Edinburgh]

Supplication of John Henderson

My lords and others of this present high court of parliament, to your lords humbly means and shows I, your lordships' servant, John Henderson, servant to [John Murray], earl of Atholl, that where at the command of the committee of estates of parliament I having come to this burgh of Edinburgh about 18 weeks past, before whom I having compeared and being examined, I was commanded to stay and abide within the said burgh and not to remove therefrom without licence. And seeing I have stayed here so long now by the said space of 18 weeks, attending what was to have been demanded of me, and that nothing has further proceeded nor done, and that my staying here so long has tended to my great hurt, prejudice and damage, therefore I humbly beseech your lordship to have consideration hereof and to grant licence and warrant to me to repair home or elsewhere for doing of my lawful affairs and business, and that I may pass and repass. And your lords' answer humbly I crave.

4 November 1641

The king's majesty and estates of parliament grant liberty to the supplicant to go where he pleases, he acting himself to compear again upon 1 January next or sooner when he shall be required.

[John Elphinstone, lord] Balmerino, in presence of the lords of the council

4 November 1641, I, John Henderson, become [...] in name and to the effect contained in the deliverance above-written by the president, written and subscribed with my hand.

J. Henderson

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