[Report of the committee for considering the number of boats on the west coast]

Report of the committee regarding the boats for carrying men to Ireland

The committee appointed by his majesty and the parliament to consider what boats, barks and other vessels may be got in the west parts of this kingdom to transport soldiers to those parts of Ireland nearest Scotland in case of necessity, being convened in [Alexander Montgomery], lord Eglinton's lodging, 29 October 1641.

Conceives that there may be got between Glasgow and Ayr upon the south side as many boats, barks and other vessels as may transport in case of necessity to the closer parts of Ireland four or five thousand soldiers.

And for better information hereof thinks it necessary and expedient that present order be given to [Hugh Montgomery], lord Montgomery, [John Crawford], laird of Kilbirnie, [Sir William Cunningham of] Cunninghamhead, [John Shaw of] Greenock, [John Brisbane of] Bishopton, [Sir Patrick Maxwell of] Newark, [John Maxwell of] Castlemilk, and the provost and bailies of Glasgow, Ayr, Irvine and Renfrew to take a particular notice of all vessels useful for the said service within the said bounds and put the same under such assurance and readiness as they shall be directed by his majesty and the parliament. And this beside what may be had upon the north side within [Archibald Campbell], earl of Argyll's bounds.

30 October 1641

Read in audience of his majesty and parliament, who approve the same, who appoint the persons formerly entrusted with this committee to meet this afternoon with [Alexander Montgomery], earl of Eglinton and to call to them any person necessary to think upon the best means for staying a competent number of boats, barks etc. fit for transporting the number of men above-written with the least prejudice to trade.

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