[Proposition concerning the order of business]

9 October 1641

It is the opinion of the noblemen that the method of proceeding fittest for accelerating the accommodation of the business is to consider whether the particulars represented by the committee be the subject and grounds of the parliament's desires to the king and the best motives to induce his majesty to the granting thereof. And this being agreed, it is thought fit that some of each estate be appointed to treat with the king and know his majesty's pleasure in the particulars and give an account to their several bodies, that upon common resolution all business may be drawn to concord and conclusion with consent of the several estates. And when the committee makes its report, that it makes the same altogether jointly to every estate that there be no discrepancy in the report.

  1. NAS, PA6/5, 'October 9 1641'. A duplicate copy of this document is bound under the same date. Back
  2. Entitled 'Regarding the best way to acquaint the king's majesty in the particulars represented by the committee, 9 October 1641' on the rear of the document. Back