[Copy of the king's letter to the queen of Sweden in favour of the Prince Elector Palatine]

The copy of king's letter to the queen of Sweden in favour of [Charles Louis], Prince Elector Palatine

[Abstract]: Charles, to Christina, queen of the Swedes, Goths and Vandals, duchess of Finland, lady of Estonia, Karelia and Ingria. Most serene princess and sister, it has become well enough known to the Christian world and the nearby princes, from the wretched experience of many years when there was no reward from the deeds done by us with the house of Austria for the protection of the Palatine cause by peaceful counsels or frequent embassies, notwithstanding we, after so many repeated frustrations, gave intercession to our most Christian uncle the king of Denmark, at the imperial assembly of Ratisbon (Regensburg), sending an embassy to this effect: that they should convene with other leading figures to find what was truthful. And it obtained a great deal of news there, concerning those inflexible in evil, and of the unjust usurpation, and how harm beyond endurance is now done to us. But it remains the case that we will not neglect our most beloved nephew's cause, or be slow in giving him counsel. Therefore, with the assent of the estates of this kingdom in one public assembly [parliament], we send these letters to Sweden, along with an embassy. And that mandate carries things to you and the kingdom of Sweden which touch the overthrow of the German princes, which are greatly profitable, and for the greater confirmation of amity between us and our kingdoms, earnestly entreating that if you should have instituted an action of peace, that you proceed slowly in that negotiation, for we hold the lords regents [of Denmark] to have enough age and wisdom to think thereon and to do nothing firm and lasting in the German peace when it has not been commonly consulted, for no agreement would last long which was agreed separately from the rest, but much better for you and your regents, and for the restoration of German liberty, would be the confirmation of the things which are written of above, which would tend to the success of you, your regents and the success of your men of arms.

Your serene brother and most loving kinsman, subscribed thus, Charles Rex.

[John Elphinstone, lord] Balmerino, president of parliament.

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