[Report from the committee of the army regarding the pay of officers of fortune]

At Edinburgh, 23 September 1641

The committee for the army sederunt: [James Livingstone, lord Almond], lieutenant general, [William Kerr], earl of Lothian, [James Elphinstone], lord Coupar, [Sir Alexander Erskine of] Dun, [Sir David Home of] Wedderburn, [Sir David Crichton of] Lugton, [Sir William Scott of] Harden, [Sir John Wauchope of] Niddrie, [Hugh Campbell of] Cessnock, [James Cochrane and Richard Maxwell, commissioners for] Edinburgh, [James Fletcher, commissioner for] Dundee, [Patrick Bell, commissioner for] Glasgow, [James Glen, commissioner for] Linlithgow, [John Osborne, commissioner for] Ayr.

The Laird of Johnstone's petition for his officers of fortune was read, which being taken to consideration, the committee found it doubtful whether it was within the compass of their commission, but before they gave answer to the same they thought the Laird of Johnstone should instruct his bill in the points of his not going out with the army and the other points of the said petition averred therein, and therefore could give no present answer.

It was debated whether or not the army or the regiments within the country shall be first taken to consideration, and was resolved that the considerations regarding the army shall be in the first place.

William Thomson, being called for, was asked what progress was made in the accounts, who answered that he had made all the accounts ready and was willing to account with any who pleases to come to him. The committee appointed William Thomson to give so much money to every colonel or other two superior officers, responsible landed men, as will pay the officers of fortune their dues. And the said sums to be put in the regiments' accounts, the rolls and dues of the said officers of fortune to be subtracted by the said colonel and quartermaster or other two superior officers upon their honour and credit, and they to pay the officers of fortune.

The committee appointed William Thomson to pay to the companies and regiments where any of those who come out of Ireland and are to return back again as much money as will pay those who come from Ireland and are to return back again. And lest any contravention be made herein, it is appointed that the colonel of the regiment or lieutenant colonel with the captain of the company where the men served shall declare upon their honour that these persons did come from Ireland and are to return thither and to put the same in the regiment accounts.

No arrestments are to be acknowledged.

The west country regiments are to be first accounted with that the Irish men and companies may be paid.

The Laird of Pitlochie and young [John Oliphant of] Bachilton are to make account and be answerable for [James Graham], earl of Montrose's Perth regiment, and [Sir Alexander Erskine], laird of Dun and the laird of Logie Wishart for the Angus regiment, [Sir David Home], laird of Wedderburn and [Master Alexander Belsches of] Tofts for [James Home], earl of Home's regiment.

[William Kerr, earl of] Lothian, in presence of the lords of parliament

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