[Warrant for printing the acts of parliament of June 1640, with the wording for the title page]

Warrant for the title page of the acts of parliament of 11 June 1640

The acts made in the session of the second parliament of our most high and dread sovereign.

Charles, by the grace of God, king of Scotland, England, France and Ireland, defender of the faith etc.

Held at Edinburgh, 11 June 1640 by the estates of parliament, convened by his majesty's special authority.

Printed at Edinburgh with royal privilege.

25 September 1641

Read in audience of his majesty and estates of parliament, who appoint the clerk to prefix the words above-written to the acts of June 1640 in the first page and that no other act be prefixed to them, but they to be printed according to the model of the treaty as they stand.

[John Elphinstone, lord] Balmerino, in presence of the lords of parliament

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