[Supplication of Colonel John Munro for release from his imprisonment in Edinburgh Castle]

Supplication by Colonel John Munro

To the king's most excellent majesty and to the right honourable the estates of this present parliament, the humble petition of Lieutenant Colonel Munro, prisoner in the castle of Edinburgh, humbly showing that where the petitioner has been prisoner in the said castle these [...] months bygone upon occasion of a letter written to the French, being received by him from one Lieutenant Dundas and thereafter delivered by the said petitioner to Sir Donald Gorme, by which long imprisonment the petitioner's fortunes are much prejudiced to his apparent ruin.

May it therefore please your majesty and honours to commiserate the petitioner's condition and to give order for his enlargement out of the said castle in that form and manner as shall be found expedient, as he shall ever be ready to serve your majesty and the honourable estates to the utmost of his power.

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