[Petition of Sir George Ogilvie of Banff for advocates to plead for him in defence of the complaint by Mr Thomas Mitchell]

To the king's most excellent majesty and to the lords and others of the estates of parliament, humbly shows Sir George Ogilvie of Banff that whereas he being convened before a committee of the parliament by Master Thomas Mitchell, parson of Turriff, for restitution of certain goods and gear allegedly taken from the said Master Thomas by many and diverse gentlemen and others of [George Gordon], marquis of Huntly's following in the time of these common troubles, to whom he alleges the petitioner to have been leader and commander at that time. And seeing in this business the petitioner's defences in a part will result upon the acts of pacification and oblivion whereby he alleges he ought to be absolved from the desire of the said libel (not granting that anything was committed by him, neither as actor, which the said Master Thomas Mitchell does acknowledge, nor as leader or commander at that time, as shall be made clear before your majesty and estates). And seeing the decision thereof is of great moment and consequence, the petitioner's humble and earnest desire is that your majesty and estates will be pleased to grant to him a warrant for advocates to procure for him, and that the said matter and pursuit be heard in presence of your majesty and face of the whole parliament. And the petitioner shall always etc.

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