[Answers to the burghs' memorandum regarding the commission for plantation of kirks, valuation of teinds and ministers' stipends]

Answers to the remarks of the burghs upon the commission

To the first:

It is answered that remark would be restricted thus: that the dismembering of parishes be with consent of the most part of the heritors who are to be taken off. And in case of their dissent, the reason thereof given in by them to the commission would be such as the commissioners shall approve. The presbytery is to recommend thinking it convenient.

To the second:

The collegiate kirks in Edinburgh and their pendicles need not be excepted if (as it is alleged) they have sufficient maintenance already, because in that case the commission will not have power to grant augmentation. And if they be not sufficiently provided, it were unreasonable to exclude them.

To the third:

It is the promise of the parliament by letter directed to the general assembly at St Andrews that course should be taken for supplying the charges of commissioners. Therefore it is confidently expected that ministers shall be eased of that burden, which is not so small as is alleged.

To the fifth:

Seeing ministers are bound to reside within their own parish, it is most just and necessary that they be provided with manse and glebe, whether there be kirklands in the parish or not, without the which they cannot reside. It is always thought reasonable that the whole heritors contribute for buying of the manse and glebe.

To the sixth, seventh and eighth:

The appointing of new manses and glebes upon the reason of decay or unprofitableness or upon other necessities cannot but be referred to the consideration of the commission because particulars are diverse and best may be examined by them.

To the ninth:

Let us insist for the obtaining of it.

To the thirteenth:

That the tithes belonging to ministers, colleges, hospitals and schools ought to be excluded from valuation because otherwise they would suffer great prejudice in their provision, both in quantity and manner of payment, and for diverse other reasons which moved his majesty and the parliament to exclude them in the former commission.

How the commission shall be bound to sit? What way shall be taken that valuations and planting of kirks be not stopped?

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