[Articles from the barons concerning the king's answer to the nomination of officers of state, council and session]

Regarding the paper given by his majesty to the estates of parliament, the barons acknowledge the same to be satisfactory to their desires in one great part, and do with all their hearts give his majesty thanks for the same and withal desire the articles following to be considered by his majesty:

1. That the said declaration be made by his majesty, with advice and consent of the estates of parliament, as being the determination of that demand which by the treaty was referred to their determination.

2. Because his majesty has declared that he will nominate and choose with advice and approbation of parliaments, therefore it is desired that the way of parliament's advice in the nomination and choosing may be cleared and the manner thereof expressed.

3. That these words may be added: 'all of that number being called upon 15 days and the most part of the whole number of councillors voicing and consenting to the nomination and election'.

4. And so the sessioners, with advice and approbation of the lords of session: memorandum regarding this article.

5. That the officers of state, councillors and sessioners chosen in the interval between parliaments may have their places only until the next parliament, at the which time they may either be approved or changed as the parliament shall think expedient.

6. That the agreement to his majesty's declaration with the additions foresaid is always to be understood with this condition: that the propositions contained in the other paper presented to his majesty regarding the present election be likewise agreed to.

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