[The king's answer to the nomination of the officers of state, council and session]

The king's majesty answer, 3 September 1641

Whereas there is an article in the treaty regarding the placing of officers of state, councillors and sessioners, whereof the answer was remitted to the determination of us and this parliament, we, willing to give this our native kingdom all satisfaction possible that fit and qualified persons shall ever fill those places, and therefore considering that our residence (because of our great affairs) will be more ordinary in England than here, whereby the qualification of persons may not at all times be so well-known to us, therefore we are pleased to declare for ourselves and our successors that we will nominate and make choice of such able and qualified persons as shall be fittest for our service and may give most contentment to the parliaments. Which nomination and choice we will make with the advice and approbation of the parliaments during their sitting. And in the intervals between parliaments, we will choose and nominate officers of state and councillors with the advice and approbation of the council, all of which number being timeously warned to meet relating thereto. And so the sessioners, with their advice and approbation. And the officers of state, councillors and lords of session shall be provided for life and they all shall be liable to the censure of us and the parliament.

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